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What is a License:

A license is the right to use. The patent owner grants a company the ability to build and market their idea, while maintaining ownership of the idea. Generally the patent owner receives royalties for the use of the patent.

A patent owner has 4 basic choices they can make with their invention:

  1. License Your Patent: By far the most profitable. This allows you to maintain ownership of your idea, while allowing another company to build and market the idea. This is what InventorsIPO specialize in. We find a company to build, market, and pay you a fair market value for the use of your idea.
  2. Build and market the product yourself: You can build, market, and do the legal work yourself. This is a complicated process that requires a large amount of capital, time, and knowledge of the market.
  3. Sell the Patent: All patent owners have the right to sell their idea. This process requires the ability to find a buyer, a lawyer, and understand what the market value of their idea is.
  4. Do Nothing: Believe it or not, the vast majority of patents granted by the U.S. Patent Office have never been acted upon. About 90% off all patents are never commercialized!

Why License Your Idea?

  1. Your product will carry the label of a company that has a well known and respected name.
  2. Most individuals cannot, and should not approach large companies like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They usually will not look at people who only sell one product, they prefer vendors with multiple products.
  3. Most larger companies have a complete marketing and Public Relations department. Larger corporations have the capital and resources available to launch a product properly.
  4. By allowing another company to build and market your product they generally assume the liability also. Thus if for some reason something happens that has legal ramification they will usually handle it.
  5. You get paid royalties for doing nothing. Of course it is your idea, you did invent it and file the appropriate patent application. But what we mean is that you will get paid, while they build it, market it, promote it, and do all of the ground work.

Find Me A Manufacturer For My Patent

That is what we do. You can believe we will go the extra step to secure your future. One of InventorsIPO’s main focuses is to bring inventors and manufacturers together on a fair and equal playing field. Since every idea is unique, we utilize state-of-the-art computerized information resources to create a specific marketing plan that will best meet your goals, and provide the best path to market your idea. From processing your initial patent to taking your idea to market, to helping you receive royalties for your idea, InventorsIPO provides thorough knowledge of the marketplace along with caring personal service.

Lets’ Get Started

To start the process, simply contact us and provide us with the basic information. We will take it from there. It does not matter where you are in the process, whether you have filed or not. We can help.

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