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InventorsIPO now features easy to use and read electronic books. These books are simple to download and open, and are extremely affordable.



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“5 Ways to Protect Your Ideas for $30 or Less”


I will show you 5 affordable ways to protect your invention, each costing $30 or less. Every day thousands upon thousands of ordinary people become inventors. They devise new ideas, improve old ones, and enhance the world around them. But they all have one thing in common. The vast majority will never act on their ideas because they can not afford the cost for a patent. When you consider that the average cost for a strong Utility patent is around $5,000 it is no wonder.



Only $12.95

Electronic Inventors Kit©


InventorsIPO not only brings together useful information from around the world, but we have also created a kit designed solely for the inventor. The Inventors Kit© contains everything you need to get started in the world of inventing. The kit has been specially prepared with you in mind. All of the information contained in the kit has been written in plain English, not legal ease.



Only $12.95

*All ebooks come with complete instruction on how to use them*

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