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What are royalties:

Royalties are the amount a company, or individual will pay you to license your patent. In most cases the majority of products companies sell are not ones they invented. They form an agreement with the inventor called a license which grants them the ability to manufacture, market, and sell the product. In turn they agree to pay the inventor a set sum of the gross amount that they bring in. This fee is called a royalty.

Why is a Royalty a Good Choice?

In essence a royalty is making money for doing nothing. Of course you did the hard work of getting to this point, but now you can sit back and relax if you wish. A royalty is a good choice because the potential to make a lot of money is great. If you find the right manufacturer and have the right product you may be able to retire from just one good idea!

What can InventorsIPO do for me?

Simply put, everything. We specialize in marketing your patent. InventorsIPO is a full service patent brokerage firm. Our main focus is presenting your patent to the appropriate manufacturers in the right industry. Our job is to either help you sell or license your patent. We will gladly speak with you to determine which one is right for you!

Let’s get Started

To start the process, simply contact us and provide us with the basic information. We will take it from there. It does not matter where you are in the process, whether you have filed or not. We can help.


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