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InventorsIPO not only brings together useful information from around the world, but we have also created a kit designed solely for the inventor. The Inventors Kit© contains everything you need to get started in the world of inventing. The kit has been specially prepared with you in mind. All of the information contained in the kit has been written in plain English, not legal ease.

The Inventor Kit© contains


  1. Basic facts about Patents booklet
  2. General information concerning copyrights
  3. Basic facts about trademarks booklet
  4. U.S. disclosure document brochure
  5. Guide to filing a utility patent application
  6. Information about how to search the Patent and Trade offices
  7. Media kit & press release how to
  8. $10 off IPO membership
  9. Licensing Agreement 
  10. Non Disclosure Document
  11. No Compete Clause
  12. Sample U.S. patent
  13. InnobookTM Software Information

Why do I need it?


Well actually you don’t. You can go to an attorney, have the three legal contracts drawn up, contact the government and request the patent, copyright, and trademark information, and you can buy a book on media and press kits and create your own kit. Of course that still wouldn’t qualify you for the free consultation, the knowledge we have and the experience we bring. The other option you have is let us do it all for you. We bring together all of this vital information in one useful kit that you can use over and over again. That’s what makes the Inventors Kit© the perfect first step for anyone who has an idea. Whether you just want to learn more or launch a full scale marketing program. The kit contains everything you need to get started right. We have brought together all of the above information in one convenient source for you, making it easy for you to get started. The Inventors kit© is also the perfect gift for the creative person in your life. Whether it is your son, brother daughter or mother, they will certainly benefit from the usefulness of the InventorsIPO Inventors Kit©.

How long does it take?


We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to new ideas, that is why we offer our new electronic kit. The electronic kit features all of the same great benefits of the traditional kit, plus it is more affordable and is available immediately. We rush all Inventors Kit© orders. Our goal is to have all kits sent out with in 24hrs.

Downloadable Inventors Kit:

Only $12.95

At InventorsIPO we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve success, and make their ideas a reality, that is why we have made our Inventors kit© affordable. If you where to try and piece together the information we have provided, not to mention the legal fees to draw up the License Agreement, the Non Disclosure, and the Non Compete Clause you would spend well over a thousand dollars.


What are you waiting for get your kit today!

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