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Company Profile

InventorsIPO is a new and dynamic company that is pioneering the field of Patent licensing. The company represents the inventor instead of the typical standard, of representing the large corporations. InventorsIPO works for you, the inventor!


  • is your source of up to date information on what is current in the intellectual market.

  • has the technical expertise to move you through the complicated and often time consuming process of selling, licensing or marketing your patent.

  • has the connections to quickly get your patent filed and approved.

  • is at your service ready to assist you with the complicated process of bringing your patented idea to market.

Executive Profile

Dan A. Stalfire has been involved in inventing for most of his life. Dan has personally written and filed for two U.S. Patents, a Trademark and numerous copyrights. Mr. Stalfire holds an Associate of Arts degree in Marketing, and attended the University of North Texas where he majored in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Dan is the CEO of InventorsIPO.com, INCLUDE ME!, and Internet Marketing Images, Inc. He is also listed as a top 10 expert in Patent Law, Inventions, and Intellectual property on askme.com where he regularly helps fellow inventors free of charge.

Dan A. Stalfire


C.E.O. of InventorsIPO.com
Former President of Jobcenter.com
CEO of I. M. I. (www.im-images.com)
CEO of INCLUDE ME! (www.include-me.com)
Former marketing director for JNT (www.jeepn.com)
Bachelors of Arts degree in Marketing
Associate of Arts degree in Public Relations
17 years professional sales experience
8 years of Internet Marketing Experience
6 years non-profit experience
Holds a utility patent for a Submersible Life Saving Platform
Personally filed for two patents

Pat H. Dooley

Vice President

Bachelors Degree in Finance
8 years professional experience
5 years of Non Profit experience

Jodi K. Stalfire

Sr. Management

Bachelors Degree in Management
Associate degree in Management
5 years professional management experience
4 years non profit experience

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