Would you like to be considered for representation, funding and possible product placement?

We take your time, ideas, and inventions extremely serious and have put together a 3 step approach to obtaining full funding, development and representation of your invention and product ideas. To begin the process please follow our 3 step program below.


  • Visit the initial evaluation section
  • Submit your detailed evaluation form
  • Project Analysis Study Completed
  • Summary Judgment Issued


  • IPO Committee vote will be issued
  • Representation Offer Issued
  • Formal funding presentation acceptance letter will be issued
  • Licensing agreement will be drafted


  • IPO Committee date for funding evaluation will be assigned
  • IPO Project Manager will work with you to prepare you for your presentation
  • Funding will be issued as per your agreement
  • Product Placement will begin

Welcome to Inventors IPO

Inventors Public Offering is a full service new product development and new product marketing firm. We have brought together all needed aspects of developing your idea from conception to reality. We also have brought all of the resource to complete this transition under one roof. Not only does Inventors IPO perform your detailed work study analysis we also have formed a formal funding committee that meets quarterly to issue full funding to the top new product ideas. No invention is too small or large. All inventions will be considered and evaluated. To get the resources you need to compete you must complete the 3 step program.